Advice 1: How to connect unlimited tariff plan MegaFon

Megaphone communication for business people, and to make it not only convenient, but also profitable, the operator offers unlimitedlocal tariffs, which vary in cost and can be suitable for an ordinary subscriber, and for the whole staff of a large company.
How to connect unlimited tariff plan MegaFon
You will need
  • - mobile phone
For users of a network the Megaphone with the Federal room rates, "Business unlimited", "work unlimited", "General", which operate within Moscow and Moscow region. Tariff plan "Business unlimited" will allow free calls at a specific budget for communication. The fee is 1000 rubles per month, the cost of connection - 1250 rubles, while incoming and outgoing calls, respectively, are free of charge.
Tariff plan "work unlimited" the best option would be for business people with five-day working day. On weekdays all calls are 0 rubles. Payment is also 1000 rubles per month, and outgoing calls on holidays and weekends constitute a 3.30 RUB.
The tariff "General" differs from the two previous cost of connection, which is 750 rubles, while the monthly fee of 2,200 rubles a month. Accordingly, all calls are free of charge. For direct rooms perfectly suitable tariff "General city", also valid in Moscow and the Moscow region. The connection fee is 1000 rubles, while the monthly fee is 3 000 rubles per month.
In order to connect one of the unlimited tariffs Megaphone, you need to contact any operator's office. Free shipping SIM cards are delivered by courier within the Moscow ring road, 7 days a week. The presence of unlimited Internet – it is the prerogative of business and smart people who care about their image and the image of their employees. Unlimited data plan is a budget management tool business.

Advice 2 : How to disable unlimited Internet megaphone

If you don't have unlimited Internet connected in a network "the Megaphone"you don't have to pay a daily subscription fee, your own free by disabling the service.
When you are not connected to the Internet in a network the Megaphone, you can disable the service.
If you have mobile Internet with Opera mini, to disable it you need to dial from your mobile phone *105*235*0# and press the call key. In response you will receive SMS notification of service disconnection.
If you have one of the packages of unlimited Internet "Basic", "Practical", "Optimal", "Progressive" or "Maximum", then disable the service for each package you need to dial from your mobile phone as a separate command.
To disable the package "Basic", type *236*1*0# and press the call key.

To disable package "Practical", dial *753*0# and press the call key.

To disable the package "Optimum dial *236*2*0# and press the call key.

To disable package "Progressive", type *236*3*0# and press the call key.

To disable the package "Maximum", type *236*4*0# and press the call key.
In case of a successful completion of your request, you will receive an SMS notification of the suspension package of unlimited Internet.

Advice 3 : How to disable the tariff plan "Unlimited Internet"

Connecting "Unlimited Internet", users often wish to have access to the Internet in any quantity and at any time of the day. However, this service must be paid monthly, but it is not always convenient.

How to disable the tariff plan "Unlimited Internet"
When you need to disable the tariff plan "Unlimited Internet", then select the cellular operator. For example, if you use the services of "MegaFon", use one of two options off of the Internet. In the first case, send an SMS message to the number 000929 where you write the code off. This code find on the official website of "MegaFon", which go to the main page and enter the residence.
In the second case, build numbers, and symbols, selecting, how the tariff package you are using, and click the "Call". So, if you are connected to the package, "Practical", type on the phone *753*2*0#. When you use Internet services on a package of "Progressive" please, dial the symbols *236*2*0#. As soon as your request is successful, you will receive a message about disabling this package of Internet services.
For customers, the company "MTS" off tariff "Unlimited Internet" comes in three ways. Type the symbols *252*0# and press "Call". If successful requests you will receive a SMS-notification about the disconnection of Internet services. Second: Write a TEXT message with the text of the following numbers "2520" and send the number 2520. After some time, "Unlimited Internet" is disabled. And third, Use the Internet assistant. Why open the official website of MTS and go to "Help and support". Among the tabs that appears, locate the "self service channels" and click on the "Internet assistant". Next, enter in the blank field, mobile phone number, excluding the digit "8," and the previously generated password to the site. After you click on the "Log in" button, follow the instructions and after a few steps, disable unnecessary unlimited plan.

Advice 4 : How to connect unlimited Internet Megaphone on your phone, tablet, computer

It is difficult to imagine a modern person who doesn't have Internet. Not always, users have the ability to connect to the fixed network, in this case, come to the aid of mobile operators. To stay connected while on the road, you can connect to unlimited Internet Megaphone on a phone or tablet, I can access the network from a computer or laptop using USB modem.
How to connect unlimited Internet Megaphone on your phone, tablet, computer

How to connect mobile Internet MegaFon by phone

To connect unlimited Internet, if your operator is MegaFon, simply.

To determine the rate, go to the website select your region and find the description of tariff plans for unlimited Internet.

When choosing guided by the volume of traffic included in the package, and the cost of the service. If you like to travel, you should pay attention to the tariff throughout Russia, as well as options that allow you to go online abroad.

By choosing a tariff, you can connect online through your personal account, as well as with special teams. The combination of numbers you see next to the desired rate. It is also possible to send the message.

If you find it difficult to deal with connection of unlimited Internet Megaphone on the phone yourself, call the operator at the toll-free hotline number 0500 or contact with the passport service offices. The company's specialists will help you choose and access services.

How to connect Internet Megaphone on the tablet

If your tablet have a SIM card, and you want to plug it unlimited Internet from a Megaphone, you need to purchase a card in any salon, and insert it into the device. As a rule, when selling SIM cards, employees of shops connected the Internet on their own, but if that happens, you can do this by using the above methods.

If the tablet is no connector for a SIM card, but there is a USB port, you can connect through the modem. This requires all the de SIM card with Internet connection.

But even if you can not connect using the USB or SIM card, do not despair. To connect to unlimited Internet Megaphone through wi-fi. For this you need to enable the service on your mobile and make it the transmitting device. To do this in the phone settings you need to enable modem mode. The device connects wirelessly via wi-fi.

How to connect unlimited Internet from a Megaphone on a PC or laptop

To connect the Internet on PC or laptop is also using a USB modem with a SIM card MegaFon, or via wifi from other device. Transmitting device can be a phone, tablet or other laptop. The connection is made to the above-described methods.

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