You will need
  • - mobile phone
For users of a network the Megaphone with the Federal room rates, "Business unlimited", "work unlimited", "General", which operate within Moscow and Moscow region. Tariff plan "Business unlimited" will allow free calls at a specific budget for communication. The fee is 1000 rubles per month, the cost of connection - 1250 rubles, while incoming and outgoing calls, respectively, are free of charge.
Tariff plan "work unlimited" the best option would be for business people with five-day working day. On weekdays all calls are 0 rubles. Payment is also 1000 rubles per month, and outgoing calls on holidays and weekends constitute a 3.30 RUB.
The tariff "General" differs from the two previous cost of connection, which is 750 rubles, while the monthly fee of 2,200 rubles a month. Accordingly, all calls are free of charge. For direct rooms perfectly suitable tariff "General city", also valid in Moscow and the Moscow region. The connection fee is 1000 rubles, while the monthly fee is 3 000 rubles per month.
In order to connect one of the unlimited tariffs Megaphone, you need to contact any operator's office. Free shipping SIM cards are delivered by courier within the Moscow ring road, 7 days a week. The presence of unlimited Internet – it is the prerogative of business and smart people who care about their image and the image of their employees. Unlimited data plan is a budget management tool business.