You will need
  • - computer power supply unit;
  • - car;
  • speaker.
Use to connect radio to computer normal power supply. To do this, cut a standard DIN connector, which is designed to connect the radio to the car, splice the wires to connect them to the "home" contacts. Prepare the wires to connect the speaker system and wires to power the radio.
Connect the radio to the power supply, for this you need the unit on 300-350 watt that has a current on +12 In not less than 12 amps. Maximum current on +5V and other lines to connect the unit to PC, has. Most convenient to connect car speakers to PC connector is used for connecting hard drives.
Cut it and solder to the connectors on the radio, or construct an adapter to be able to continue to use the power supply in the computer. To run the unit without the motherboard, use a large connector, which is used to connect to it.
Lock earth green contact - then the power supply will start and apply mains voltage on all the wires. If a contact open will occur off. Use a regular pin to turn on the unit. Attach it in the holes. If the power supply is present the switch, do not remove the pin. In this case, on/off power switch, you can use the switch. Solder all of the required columns.
Construct the column from the car speakers, then purchase any speakers, not very heavy. Next, find or make a box of wood, with thick walls, and saw under the speaker hole, paint it with varnish. Or use the box of rigid cardboard. Insert the speaker into the carton and plug into his hole receiver.