You will need
  • - the unit from the system unit of the computer;
  • modern ATX power supply;
  • - speakers
  • pin;
  • - soldering iron.
Prepare the connection of the receiver to the PC. Use to provide power to the radio unit from the system unit of a computer. To do this, cut a standard Din connector, which is designed to connect to the car, splice the wires to connect them to new contacts. Prepare the wires to connect the power wire to the radio and to connect the system to the acoustics.
Take a modern ATX power supply, with a capacity of 300-350 watts, its current on +12 In should be not less than twelve amps. Current on +5 and the rest does not matter. For example, you can take the unit InWin brand to connect the radio to the PC. These units are reliable and quality. In them the value of the current line +12 V – 18 amps.
Use to connect the receiver to the computer unit connector that is used to attach hard drives. Cut off the connector, solder it to the contacts of the car, later you can come up with an adapter so that the unit can be used in the computer.
Make a speaker from a car stereo, then purchase any speakers, the main thing, not heavy. Next, take a box that you insert the speakers. Better to make it from wood, saw saw hole for the speaker and cover with paint. Or get a cardboard box and cut a hole in it.
Install it in the radio. Below the PSU run without a motherboard, use the biggest plug. Lock the earth and green touch, and then the unit will start and apply mains voltage to all the wires.
To include these contacts in the future, close them with bent pins. Now solder the leads and prepare the adapter to connect the radio to the PC. Connect the adapter and wires, fasten the unit in the column and reconnect all connections.