You will need
  • screwdriver, pliers, electrical tape, adapter line input.
Getting started connecting the amplifier to a radio without line-level outputs, buy adapter line input for the amp. With it, you will be able to coordinate the output signal with a desired value input of the amplifier. These values from different manufacturers are very different. For example, the input voltage of the amplifiers SONY is 8V, and the same parameter amplifier Kenwood is 0.8 V.
Remove the radio and plug the adapter line input to the radio. To do this, connect the input wire adapter with wires acoustic receiver according to the connection diagram.
Set the value of the output voltage signal in accordance with the desired value for the amplifier. Try not to exceed this parameter, otherwise the volume control is stepped, with a sharp increase in the sound power for each increment of volume. In addition, the amplifier would be premature to go into full power mode, and when trying to add volume is to reboot and make a distorted wheezing sound. It is very harmful to speakers.
Attach the adapter to the line input to the cable harness with electrical tape. Make sure it fits behind the console. To reduce the likely bounce adapter body about the internal parts of the console, wrap it in 1 layer foam with a thickness of 10 mm. Foam, you can fix it with duct tape.
Plug the line cable into the outputs of the adapter with the marking line outputs.
Connect to amplifier power wires, a control wire turning the amplifier on and speaker wiring.
Connect to the amplifier linear wires in accordance with their marking.
Make a test on and check the correctness of the supplied signals. The sound of each speaker should correspond to its location. For example, with a knob Fader/balance move the sound to the right side. In this case, must sound only the right speaker, then turn the sound on front speaker. Now will only sound front right speaker. If all sounds where necessary, connections are made correctly.
Test the amplifier on the subject of the norm of the input signal. To do this, set the radio volume to 70% of maximum. Using the volume control on the amplifier, minimize the volume. If no distortion, then the input signal is correct.
Install the radio in place.
Adjust the maximum volume level of the amplifier using its built-in regulators. The volume knob on the radio needs to be set to 70% of the maximum value.