Advice 1: How to connect a car stereo Panasonic cq

Not long ago, the connect the car radio was of the simplest operations. It was enough to fold the wire plug and the recorder, rewind it and insulate. Modern methods of connect the most reliable and aesthetic.
How to connect a car stereo Panasonic cq
You will need
  • - radio.
Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery wire. The radio when connected to a minus terminal can end in short circuit and electric shock. Also connected to the terminal could trigger the inclusion of the security system, which will lead to serious damage to the vehicle.
If required, remove the previous receiver, compressing the petals of the frame.
Install compatible regular amp and a new radio. To do this, find out the output impedance of the amplifier. To Panasonic it should not exceed 4 Ohms. Otherwise can lead to misunderstandings of the resistance of radio speakers and may need to change the sound system completely.
Check the power connector, which will be powered and the signals for sound reproduction. It needs to be a certain type (ISO). This connector consists of two parts: power and acoustic. The connection must be made via an adapter.
Pre-set the correct connection of each group of wires marked by the manufacturer with a certain color.
Connect the yellow wire power connector to the "+" of the car battery via fuse (10A). The fuse is necessary to protect the wires from short circuit and ignition of the car.
Red wire connect to the wire of the ignition switch, which appears "+" when you turn the lock. In this case, the radio will only work with the ignition on. For continuous operation of the radio connect the red and yellow wires together.
Connect the black wire to vehicle chassis or negative battery terminal. Blue and blue-white wire connect accessories (active antenna or an additional amplifier). Acoustic connector connect to the speakers according to the polarity of the outputs of a radio and speakers.

Advice 2: How to connect receiver

Receivers come in single-unit and two-unit (1DIN and 2DIN). Europeans offer the 1DIN size, and the Japanese, Koreans and Americans 2DIN.
How to connect receiver

If earlier, in order to connect the radio, you just cut the wire from the plug, put them with the wires by color the radio and rewinding, I suggest you forget this method, it is still very unreliable, and not aesthetically pleasing.

Standard there are two plugs: brown – outputs the sound to the acoustics, and a black – power radio and other options.

A few important factors:

  • Food is best implemented through a separate transaction (if not provided) from the battery to the receiver or, in extreme cases, from the cigarette lighter.

  • Under the power of the radio involved two wires yellow and red. Yellow is tuning the radio, and red turns off the radio and activates the ignition. To prevent this from happening at the same time, you need to attach these two wires in parallel. But the red wire is to put a separate switch that suddenly got the battery.

  • The blue wire provides power to the active antennas. Power to the antenna is supplied automatically after you turn on the radio and Vice versa, respectively.

If you have not previously stood a radio, in order to properly connect the radio, you need to route the cable for the speakers with a cross section of 2 mm.

Selecting and installing speakers (acoustics):

Diffuser in dynamics should be made of hard plastic or Kevlar, but the suspension needs to be soft, for example, rubberized fabric suspension. It is best to choose such manufacturers: sony, panasonic, pioneer, kenwood.

Where to position the acoustics:

Better if it's height at the level of heads of listeners, so it is better to install speakers in the back.

How to fix the radio in the car:

Included with the radios are frame. They are attached to the console of the car. First remove the frame from the body of the car, installed in the provided for the radio place and vygeboom metal petals on the frame so that the frame is securely held in the nest. Then connected the radio to be inserted in that same place until it clicks.


In order for the radio to be removed, you need to open the petals and remove the radio.


If, however, You can't do it yourself, remember that there are service centers that offer such services.

Important. Before you begin, be sure to throw off the negative battery terminal!!!

Advice 3: How to set radio

To the words of the classics "And what Russian does not love fast driving?" I want to add: accompanied by impeccable sound to your favorite music reproduced well tuned car.
How to set radio
You will need
  • Car.
During long trips, configure the sound settings of the receiver the most relevant. Listening to your favorite music with good sound helps to reduce fatigue from the road, which no longer seems so exhausting. But this trip, in terms of cacophony, will lead anyone to the "white heat".
In order to set the required parameters of the sound in the car, you need to spend quite a bit of time.
First, you need to turn the receiver on playback, put your favorite song. The volume level is set to maximum, the value of the tones too. Due to arising overload, speakers will sound distorted.
On: reduces the audio power to the nominal level, the timbre of high frequencies remains unchanged, the low frequency is gradually reduced until, until there is no distortion arising due to overload.
In the next step the settings the radio changes the balance adjustment through the channels (front and side). In the car the sound should be distributed so that all its shades was heard sitting behind the wheel for the driver. Achieve the desired effect, redistributing the power output between the front and rear pair of speaker, and, similarly, a custom right and left channels of the speaker system.
After the correct setting of the equipment, it is impossible to determine from what point is audio playback a stereo. The sound should be evenly distributed around the interior of the car. If so, the receiver is configured correctly.

Advice 4: How to connect a car stereo Kenwood

Radio is an integral part of the car, without which many motorists simply can not exist. Without music the car is just a tin box. But how to connect the radio, for example, of the brand Kenwood.
How to connect a car stereo Kenwood
Find the radio plug to ISO. This type is an international standard for connecting audio systems in the car. If your radio has an individual plug, then it is included needs to go adapter. If not, then you have to buy it in the nearest shop of radio components.
The simplest method of connection is the following. Carefully cut the wires from the plugs, and connect them according to the color markings. All connections thoroughly insulate with electrical tape. However, this method is unreliable and complicates the replacement of the radio. So better install the connector contacts ISO to further shift the radio took a few minutes.
Inspect the plug of the recorder. Brown connector for supplying the audio signal to the speakers, and the black supplies power to the radio and needed for a variety of additional options. Food guide separate wiring from the battery to the radio. Remember that the red and yellow wires, which are involved in nutrition, have their functions.
The yellow wire feeds the memory, and the red mutes the radio and connects directly to the ignition switch. Connect these two wires in parallel, then shutdown device will occur with the buttons on the radio panel. Sometimes this can cause problems if the radio unit is arranged so that its amplifier is powered by the red wire constantly, which can lead to rapid discharge of the battery.
Put in the gap of the red wire an ordinary switch, button, or toggle switch. Don't forget to turn it off in the long Parking lot. You can also use simple schemes to make the radio switch on and off automatically alarm. After connecting all the wires, insert the unit in a suitable place on the panel and secure it.

Advice 5: How to configure Panasonic TV

Before you can enjoy viewing your favorite TV shows on a new TV Panasonic, you must make it a preset. If you do everything correctly, you will get a great picture and great sound for watching any video. The proposed settings are suitable for most late model Panasonic TVs.
How to configure Panasonic TV
Take remote control of the TV and press the Menu button. Will appear a list of several settings. Select Setup by pressing "up" and "down" on the remote, and then click OK. In this section, you need to enable Advance (isfccc). To do this, using the cursor keys "right", go to the ON position. After that press the Return button and navigate to the main menu.
Select image settings Pictures and then click "OK". In this menu it is necessary by means of the keys "left" and "right" to change the position of a number of settings. Go to mode, Viewing mode and select Professional 1. Set the Contrast equal to 48, and the parameter Color select 33. Using the down arrow navigate to the second window of the image settings. Select Advanced Settings and click "OK".
Go to settings White Balance. This menu adjusts the white balance. Install using the keys "right" and "left" to scale R-gain value is 10, G-gain - 8 to R-Cutoff - 2, B-Сutoff - 1. Then click on the Return button. Next, you need to adjust the saturation of the image by going to menu Color Management.
Install R-3 equal Hue, G-Hue - 4, R-Saturation - 3, G-Saturation - 11, B-Saturation - 8. Once again return to the main menu image settings, and go to Gamma, which set the position, equal to 2.4. Then exit to the main menu.
Go to settings, Sound. Here it is necessary to set the volume, sound mode, bass and treble, balance and so on. It is necessary to set the parameters empirically, since the results may vary depending on an acoustic condition of the room. If you are using additional amplifiers and speakers for TV sound, you must also configure at this point.

Advice 6: How to connect active antenna

In many cars not provided a regular place to accommodate the rod antenna or the antenna is not installed. In this regard, have become very popular to use active automotive antenna with a small size and available for installation in the cabin on the windshield.
How to connect active antenna
You will need
  • - the car;
  • - active antenna;
  • - capacitor;
  • - throttle;
  • adapter.
Connect the active antenna to the standard output. For this, first and foremost, install the special adapter. It can be found in automotive stores. Solder between two of the output capacitor and inductor. This conclusion is required to connect the antenna. A second terminal of the capacitor should be soldered to the copper core antenna, which you plan to connect to the radio.
Solder the second output of the throttle wire to +12V power. Next, pay attention to isolation, to do this, connect the plus from the yellow wire, the power for which is supplied when the ignition is switched on the antenna through the inductor +12V. On the radio, connect it with a capacitor.
Use another option to include the active antenna. For this you will need the same parts. On the throttle and put on the capacitor insulating tube, this design insert in the plug. Solder the copper core. Then solder the braid wire of the screen. Secure the second connector, do not forget to put on the wire his mate.
Connect the wire from the radio to the antenna accordingly the following order. Yellow wire to constant positive, no matter how is the ignition switch. Red wire connect to the terminal of the ignition switch, in which a plus at the time of turning the key. You can find it with a tester. The black wire is ground, connect it to the body. Blue or blue and white wire must be connected to an active antenna, to plus.
Orange wire connect to the terminal of the light switch. Or you can attach it to another terminal on which a voltage is applied at the time of switching the Parking light of the vehicle. Yellow-black wire connect to the wire of the car kit Hands-Free. If this kit is missing, do not connect anywhere.
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