You will need
  • - radio.
Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery wire. The radio when connected to a minus terminal can end in short circuit and electric shock. Also connected to the terminal could trigger the inclusion of the security system, which will lead to serious damage to the vehicle.
If required, remove the previous receiver, compressing the petals of the frame.
Install compatible regular amp and a new radio. To do this, find out the output impedance of the amplifier. To Panasonic it should not exceed 4 Ohms. Otherwise can lead to misunderstandings of the resistance of radio speakers and may need to change the sound system completely.
Check the power connector, which will be powered and the signals for sound reproduction. It needs to be a certain type (ISO). This connector consists of two parts: power and acoustic. The connection must be made via an adapter.
Pre-set the correct connection of each group of wires marked by the manufacturer with a certain color.
Connect the yellow wire power connector to the "+" of the car battery via fuse (10A). The fuse is necessary to protect the wires from short circuit and ignition of the car.
Red wire connect to the wire of the ignition switch, which appears "+" when you turn the lock. In this case, the radio will only work with the ignition on. For continuous operation of the radio connect the red and yellow wires together.
Connect the black wire to vehicle chassis or negative battery terminal. Blue and blue-white wire connect accessories (active antenna or an additional amplifier). Acoustic connector connect to the speakers according to the polarity of the outputs of a radio and speakers.