You will need
  • - car;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - SD-card.
Plug the receiver. Note especially the connections. So, the gray wire (marking BRAKE) disables protected view television and DVD programs while driving a car.
The wire, on which marking AMP-CON designed to control the inclusion of external sources. Connect the amplifier via a wire used to control the antenna voltage will be supplied to him only while listening to radio.
Attach the receiver to the console, and then start its setup. Carefully read the accompanying manual to this device: it shows which software can be installed on the car. As a rule, most of the models provide the ability to install IGO2006, Navitel, OZI and IGO8.
Record on SD card software, for example, it would be IGO8. Then put in the radio the screen resolution (480х234), then insert the SD card and call the main gps menu. In the opened screen window, select "Settings" and click this button.
In "Settings" select the program navigation. To do this, specify the path to the executable from an SD card file. Then start the navigation program IGO8. The gps antenna put on the dashboard on the front window.
Test the head unit with gps navigation. In that case, if the settings were made correctly, in a few seconds the device will determine your location.
Please note that there are car radios with gps support ability to work in multi-mode GPS (that is, during operation of the gps, you can listen to musical works). To enable this mode, the operation of a gps gps press and hold for a few seconds: the screen will appear to select the mode Normal/Multi.