You will need
  • - expensive, stylish clothes;
  • - good manners.
Dress though not as diverse, but stylish and expensive. Choose clothes beautiful subdued colors. Your image must not be loud: acid colors and cheap frilly bling cause Cancer rejection. If you wear perfume, remember, no odors!
If you are Dating a male Cancer for work, dress is strictly business style. Cancers can't stand to wear to work shirts or sports clothes, and they are impressed when others do the same. Select a silk blouse, an elegant jacket and a pencil skirt. Sometimes the skirt can be replaced and the pants, but note that in this case, you will not look so feminine and attractive in his eyes.
All his behavior show that they know his price. This will help the Royal posture, straightened his shoulders and is proud raised the head. Your manners needs to match this high way: avoid the hassle, behave majestically. Unacceptable swear words in someone else address. Any claim to Express restrained and polite as possible.
Never show maleCancer their extravagance. Cancers are by nature rather grudging, and the tendency of women to squander money, even if they are her own, is for them the sign for "stop-playing" in romantic relationships. Life partner in Cancer will only fit a woman economical, and men of this Zodiac sign tend to get a partner who has the required quality.
If you get to meet the parents of any menCancer, never try on the role of "Smarty pants." Keep in mind that to men of this sign the mother is the ideal woman, which he subconsciously compares all the surrounding ladies. That is why, in the presence of his mother menCancer should only play "second fiddle," saying her compliments and listen to a better recording all of her recipes and recommendations.
If you notice that the man with Cancer was put on the eyes, but for some reason does not show initiative, don't be afraid to scare him by liking another man. Most likely, in this case, your man is afraid to miss the "prey" and finally admits to his feelings.