Do not overtighten the blanket. Don't try to be too strict with the girl-Fish, she did not appreciate it, and the more you will be her command, the more she will resist. This girl is very freedom-loving, appreciates the opportunity to have their own opinion, so you have to learn to listen to it. In the company, she is always the center of attention, don't try to compete with them and better support others.
Try something new. The girl, born under the sign of Pisces, loves to live, that is, to the fullest, enjoying every minute. Great if you have some interesting Hobbies, which you will be able to draw it and share it with her. If not, learn and expand your horizons. She will appreciate your impulses, regardless of whether it's cooking, photography or skiing.
Be creative. The girl-Fish loves art in all its manifestations. She enjoys going to museums, listening to classical music and yet loves modern cinema, paints their clothing with modern prints and takes evening lessons of modeling. If you are inclined to independent creativity, allow her to involve herself in her hobby, it will give her great pleasure.
Value freedom. Girls who were born under the sign of Pisces, not only love freedom, they choose partners of the same freedom-loving people. This tendency can manifest itself in different ways. This girl will argue with you every time you disagree, fill all free time with meetings and opportunities to get out into nature this weekend. It will not force you to do the same thing, but if you want to be with her – learn to share her interests.
Fun her. For a girl laughter is the best rest and the cure for all diseases. After a busy day when she is tired, in a bad mood or not feeling – make her laugh and she'll remember it for a long time.