Before to confess his love to Cancer, it is necessary to study the characteristics of this zodiacal sign. Cancerians are those people who can't open his soul to the first comer. Even for most friends Cancer remains a mystery. People born under this sign, though, and romance, but always remain alert. They are very rational and practical. They can be called too cautious. People born between 22 June to 22 July in his character sometimes impossible combinations. This is always going to have to put up with, because Cancer is not altered.
This sign is very touchy. Men are outwardly rude and sometimes cruel, but they can burn a huge heart filled with love. Female Crabs are looking for in a partner controller. Prone to suggestion partner the great love. Both women and men of this sign are looking for that balance, which they will love and be loved. Cancers are very hard to confess his love first. In the best case they can obscure recognition of the joke, as in case of failure it will be unbearably painful. And if you show signs of attention, you should make a reciprocal step.
Partners of Cancer is supposed to be perfect. Therefore, you should always be on full alert. In appearance should not be a single flaw, all the clothes are carefully selected, and makeup flawless. The hair should not be in a mess, and laid in an elegant hairstyle. Men's clothes should be lint-free and especially stain resistant. Daily need to shave and not leave stubble.
Separate his dreams, maintain in your endeavors. After all, Cancer is very important. He needs to feel support from a close person. Let him take care of you.
Not only in the appearance of Cancer should see their ideal. His pair should be well read and smart. Education is not in last place when choosing a partner. But to fully meet all these parameters quite hard.
When will the time come where Cancer is in the form of jokes hint about love, tell the truth about their feelings. Straight-talking, calm and gentle voice. It should not be nervous. Self - confidence is one of the key factors. Cancers feel when a partner is present uncertainty. And you can escape from recognition, thinking that even if the relationship starts, it will soon be over.
If even a hint of recognition from the Cancer not to wait, you should create a romantic atmosphere. Whether it's a picnic on the rooftop or dinner in the cosy restaurant, the main thing - that the whole atmosphere was saturated with loving feelings. When dinner starts, then drink a glass of wine for the two of you and your relationship. Note how well the Cancer looks, how he's a great conversationalist and person. And then skip directly to acceptance. After this the Cancer will not be able to resist.