Spotlights can solve a lot of task lighting in the interior. With their help, you can give the apartment an interesting decor, the room to provide additional light source to increase the space in the room. Besides spotlights help to highlight certain areas in the room. For good lighting in the room need to pick up a certain number of lamps. This number depends on some settings: lamp type, diameter, type and power of the lamp, the presence or absence of the reflector.

However, in order to proceed with the installation or the installation of spotlights is necessary to have proper knowledge and skills. Hardly ignorant people will cope with this procedure. Even calculating the number of fixtures is best left to professionals. The undoubted advantage of halogen lamps is the variety of colors and style solutions.


Chandeliers are divided into two main types: suspension and ceiling (overhead). A ceiling chandelier is mounted on a plate attached to the wooden plate. For this purpose, screws and screws.

Choosing a chandelier, it is important to pay attention to the long rod mounting. This will greatly simplify the adjustment of the chandelier and its installation will be more reliable in several times. Before stretching the film, be sure to check the wiring, because then to make its removal will be impossible.

Problems encountered with the installation of chandeliers and lamps

By installing in your house the light source, often people face a variety of challenges. We can distinguish three most frequently occurring troubles.

The first problem people encounter when installing lighting in the interior – a peculiar smell from the chandelier. The reasons for this trouble may be different. To avoid this, you should immediately check your passport chandeliers, paying attention to the tolerances of power. Also under heat lamps source of the odor can become arbolitovye or plastic cartridges. It is better to replace the ceramics.

The second common problem - the melting of the surface of a stretch ceiling. This trouble arises, if properly chosen power for lighting.

Another, a third, a problem that also often is torn film when replacing the lamp in the embedded lamp. This issue occurs due to incorrect installation of the mounting ring.

It is better to choose the chandelier or the lamp?

The choice of lighting in the apartment is fully dependent on individual preferences. Of course, the chandelier looks richer and gives the interior some style. But spot lights are more functional in the sense that they can be used to solve a lot of problems. Also the lighting can be installed perfectly in any room. Chandelier, for example in the bathroom, it will look out of place.