Advice 1: How to learn to read Arabic

In order to master any foreign language, you need to obtain a number of skills: learn to read, write, speak and understand. Each skill training through certain techniques and exercises.
How to learn to read Arabic
Look in your city teachers of the Arabic language. Call school study of foreign languages and call the ads of private Tutors. Even if their lessons aren't cheap, take at least the first few lessons. So you will understand how to pronounce the letters of the Arabic alphabet and how to sound it. If your city teachers don't get, find it online and take a few lessons via Skype.
If the opportunity to study with a teacher no, view video tutorials online to verify the correctness of your pronunciation. Pay attention to articulation and practise the sounds that you be able worst. Follow the production of the organs of the vocal apparatus, as a guarantee of the correct pronunciation.
Get the book in the Arabic language. Best of all will suit your needs self-help books in the Arabic language or the most common children's books. In books for children, uses simple words and short sentences, which is important in the first stage of language learning.
Learn the alphabet and learn to distinguish the Arabic letters from each other. Remember to write them and allocate at least one hour daily to practice. Learn to recognize Arabic letters and be sure to say them aloud.
Download software to learn Arabic language and install it on your computer. Find a program that involves learning to read. Ideal program where you will need to say on-screen word and then compare your pronunciation with the pronunciation of the speaker.
Train your listening comprehension. Listening is the ability to perceive speech. Listen to CDs with the Arab tales, stories and light lyrics in the car, at home, in your free time. Learn to recognize words and learn their pronunciation. Then, recognizing the word in the text, you will already know how to say it.
Learn the translation often used in the text words. Reading without understanding is pointless and inefficient. Understanding the content, you perceive the text easier and faster to learn words.
Useful advice
At a certain strength of will, patience and perseverance after some time you will be able to read the Quran, and this is a major victory in the Arabic language!

Advice 2 : What we should learn from the Arabs

Many children with childhood scare stories about what supposedly the Arabs are evil and cruel and in the family they often husbands tyrants, and wives have no rights and they have to serve their husbands, stay home and bear children.
What we should learn from the Arabs

Most of the known facts about the East too exaggerated and incorrect term. For example, the Eastern people, the unofficial head of the family is considered to be mothers. Men serve as protectors and defenders. All family members listen to and respect the informal leader, and moreover, before making important decisions you want to ask the opinion of the senior wife. Without her permission you can not do anything. Men are meant to be gentle with their relatives and wives.

In the Eastern countries are very fond of children. Their beautiful costumes and often pampered with gifts. Among the Arabs it is normal if a stranger buys the child candy. However, children are not allowed to act up and not listen to your parents. Boys from childhood raised as men. So, in Iraq, if desired, parents can send their son to a military school where you learn not only normal subjects but also how to handle weapons.

Of course, the Arab would beat his wife, but this happens no more often than other people. However, the Qur'an says that Paradise is only available for good husbands care about their wives. In countries where many Arabs are supposed to respect women. Those who do not understand this, have a hard time. The fact that the Arabs are friends with the whole family and they have a very large family. So, if the husband ever hit his wife, she can tell all of her relatives, and then they will come to the man and stood up for his cousin.

The Arabs, like other peoples, there are often difficulties. Don't assume that they are all well, as all countries have their pros and cons, and unhappy family. However, it makes sense to see the traditions of other peoples and consider what is really worth to learn.

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