You will need
  • - a collection of Arabic Proverbs and sayings;
  • - textbooks of the Arabic language
For starters, it is important to clearly define the objectives of language learning and to acquire the conviction that this language is really necessary. You must understand that success depends on the quantity of time and the selected methodology. A very important point in the Arabic language is practice.
In the beginning you should give language special attention. Properly manage your time, schedule, where every day approximately two hours will be allocated to classes. Those who are interested in the language, you will find the time. However, do not strictly tie yourself to a specific schedule. This can cause reluctance to engage.
Take a clean sheet of paper, hang it on the Desk. Try to make a picture of the development of Arabic. After passing through a certain topic mark this is the relevant paragraph on the sheet. Devote the first paragraph of the morphology and the syntax, and the third new Arabic words.
When working on texts poyasnaya all doubtful phrases and phrases, both in Russian and in Arabic. For example, the word "fiktivnost". As often as you can study the roots of Arabic words and phrases recorded in the dictionary of foreign words.
Start a personal journal where you will record all your actions in Arabic. Pay diary for at least 30 minutes a day. You can also start an e-blog. Sometimes try to think in the language.
To develop the language skills Arabic memorize tongue twisters and phrases. As you read, preferably aloud.