Go to the bookstore. Today, the domestic bookstores offer books on linguistics for every taste. You can find there Russian-Estonian PhraseBook Russian-Hungarian dictionary and grammar of the Ukrainian language. In addition, there are books on Azerbaijani language. Take a few books to learn the Azerbaijani language and start to build a common base. Review the alphabet, learn the most common greetings, gratitude and goodbyes. Get the audio to properly set a pronunciation.
Zoom to the national culture. In this age of globalization is not so hard to find movies, books and music on Azerbaijani language. National culture of Azerbaijan will bring you closer to understanding language. If you allow the knowledge that you got at the stage of familiarity with the vocabulary and grammar of the Azerbaijani language, then you can read books and Newspapers in the Azerbaijani language.
Please note on the works of Chingiz Abdullayev, Shah Ismail Sefevi, Osman Mirzoev.
Spend your holiday in Azerbaijan. As such, the courses of the Azerbaijani language in Russia is very hard to find. However, the best language learning is learning from native speakers. And Azerbaijan is home to a large number of native speakers. In addition, we have in this country the beautiful coast of the Caspian sea, and cultural heritage in Azerbaijan is quite rich.
Just try to speak Russian with the locals, despite the fact that they this language certainly possess. So you are going to really improve your level. The more you practice the Azerbaijani language, the better.
You can go on vacation in Iranian Azerbaijan. There you Russian language is not much help, so can immerse yourself in the culture of Azerbaijan completely.