For a start, should be a definite goal for what you teach the Koran. Challenge yourself to learn and not to stop in the middle.
You need to plan the study so that there is time for reading and further learning. For that best evening as memorizing before going to sleep contributes to the rapid memorization and less distraction.
Select a specific place, be it a sofa or a table. You can visit the clubs, where they read the Koran in the presence of a knowledgeable person, so it will be easier.
Need to learn how to read the Qur'an to pronounce all the sounds and letters. Correct pronunciation will help to learn this book. Start with the first Surah and read it twenty or thirty times - it's faster to remember. Do not be afraid of the difficulties ahead. Even if difficult, don't stop there.
Better try to read loudly. Check read and learned in front of their friends and relatives. Check through the CD records. You can even record what you learned, and test yourself.
If the big sur, then read and learn several of the verses (it's part of sur). Such a reading of Suras and verses help you learn, Sura for Sura, verse for verse.
Do not forget to learn before bed and in the morning, Wake up, repeat. Usually people younger than thirty years of study is easier than older people. But no matter what age, will have to try. You need to choose one way of learning, it is not necessary one way to go to another, because it will only be harder to teach.