You will need
  • computer;
  • - Internet;
  • - writing utensils;
  • headphones and microphone;
  • clubs communication;
  • newspaper;
  • phone;
  • - money for training.
Indicate clearly the goal in language learning, and determine the exact amount that you want to master. For someone to fast for a period of study is six months, and for someone to three months. If in your case it is equal to several months, the more conversational the basic course you learn most likely will not. In any case, write down in your workbook the exact date in which you need to speak in Armenian.
Use materials of the website for independent work on the language. Download all of the tutorial and start learning the alphabet and reading rules. Read for 30 minutes a day of simple texts or books in the Armenian language. Be sure to give a day for 10-15 new words and transcription in Russian to them. Repeat them every morning and evening. Try to learn them by heart immediately.
Also spend at least 1 hour grammar and listening of television broadcasts in the Armenian language. Pay no attention to the fact that you can't understand most of the speech of the speaker, and just try to get used to a new stream of speech. This will help you in the future to respond to the speech of the interlocutor.
Find a teacher in your town or online. To accelerate the process of learning this language you will need an experienced linguist, because you are not always able to understand where you make mistakes. Read relevant ads in the newspaper or online.
Examine the offer from the website You can enjoy learning the Armenian language via Skype. If you have a microphone and headphones - this will be the perfect option because you don't even have to go to courses or to Armenia.
Immerse yourself in an authentic language environment. Once you have collected the necessary lexical minimum 500-600 words and studied grammar, begin to communicate with native speakers. Of course, the ideal option would be training in Yerevan or other towns of Armenia. But you can always learn in the "open tables" or communication in this language. Find out where they are in the place you live, and begin to visit them as often as possible.