Think that should display the name. Who will be the target audience: staff working in the office, which is stronger together, working under the sonorous name, or potential customers, which is that name supposed to attract? And in either case, the name is likely to reflect the essence of the company or of the company, which is the center of your office.
Survey office staff. Let everyone suggest one or two options of the many names to choose much easier, especially because the people working there probably know what name it will be more suitable. In addition, this step will help to kill two birds with one stone - to create the office of sonorous name, and also will join the team for joint creative activity.
Try to make the name of your office unlike those already invented by rival firms or companies. Remember, this name is to emphasize the uniqueness of the activities that engage your employees and no one, except those people that work in this atmosphere, do not create a name better and more original.
Make sure the name was easy to remember. Sonorous name of the office is another reason to be proud of the staff and the envy of competitors. Unmemorable, long name cut the ears and do not carry any benefit other than fill space on the sign. They are not spent on their creation time. If the name of the office it's easy to remember, very soon you will learn about not only competing firms, but also many interested customers.
Do not forget that every brand, name or product protected by the patent. Necessarily worry about maintaining your unique titles for office, no one will be able later to use it. And before creating their own names office ask already patented names - all of a sudden your thinking to coincide with others, and will have to change a ready title. Certainly it is very unpleasant to part with a good idea due to the fact that she already belongs to someone else.