The office Manager performs the managerial functions. The office Manager is required to plan the work of all persons working in a particular company and to build the organizational structure of the office. Also, this category of duties includes the management of staff, those lower in rank, the organization of training of employees, planning their career and creating a policy of communication with customers.
The administrative category is the direct responsibility of the office Manager. It includes the organization of office and developing relations between the structural units.
Economic powers include the purchase of necessary machinery, equipment, components, supplies and installation guide equipment and tracking its work.
The office Manager there control duties. What was meant was revision of material values of the enterprise, timely certification of personnel, organization, reporting and execution of other materials for the control.
Reporting responsibilities include full preparation of all documentary reports for senior management. Thus, the user is aware of the Affairs taking place in the enterprise, and with this can control the situation.
The primary duty is also considered the organization and carrying out of business negotiations. This includes scheduling business meetings, identifying the line of negotiations, organization documenting negotiations and analysis of results business meetings.
From the office Manager requires knowledge of not only their work but also work the rest of the team, keeping track of how this work is progressing, knowledge of methods of strategic planning, the basics of ethics and aesthetics, as well as knowledge of basic bookkeeping and reporting.
Work as an office Manager is quite tense. Therefore, choosing this or a similar specialty, is to analyze whether these activities bring satisfaction and joy. But this is important, since a person spends a significant amount of time in the workplace.