You will need
  • - focus group;
  • computer.
If you want to call the pizza place, sketch out a few options that you think are best suited as the name of your institution. Try to come up with something memorable and, if possible, reflecting the interior style of your pizza. For example, if you want to register your school in the spirit of Italy, it is quite possible that you will want to appeal to the world famous Italian mafia. In this case, choose names like "the Pizza Mafioso" and place everything in the appropriate style.
Add to the list of names vivid, memorable images. For example, "Migratory PIZZA" - the original name for pizza, and making people smile and imagine an unusual picture. This name will surely leave an imprint in the minds of passers-by.
Making a list of names, select three to five of the most successful in your opinion, and invite them to choose a focus group. If you don't have any, offer to participate in a study for his family and friends, use the social network. Do not neglect this important stage. It often happens that the organizer considers what good and creative, but in fact it turns out that most of it is misunderstanding, and they choose another option.
If one does not want to think about the name – have a contest on your blog or social network. Write that the objective of the contest is to come up with an original and memorable name for the pizzeria, and the prize will be, for example, free pizza to the winner for a year. Do not try to deceive contestants – honestly reward the winner: he will tell about this contest to your friends, making you free publicity.
If you don't have a fairly popular blog or account on a social network, ask for help to the copywriter. For example, go to any website for copyright, register and advertise, detail in writing what exactly you want. What price to set for it, you decide (of course, more expensive – the more experienced copywriters will respond to your offer). From those who applied to participate, select any artist with the most creative ideas.