It is important that the name of the company was related to its main activities. This does not mean that the names of the "Russian Windows" or "Plant of building structures" will be the most suitable for you. It is necessary to focus on the Association of people. For example, "Window", "Robust Windows", "Atmosphere". These names will invoke a sense of confidence in the quality of your Windows, to remind you of your home warmth and comfort.
It is not necessary to give the firm name is too long. It would be bad to be remembered by customers and can be warped when passing from mouth to mouth. The name of the company should be quite concise and simple.
It would be useful to examine the names of the competitors also offering plastic window. You can not only compare them with each other, but also to come up with something completely new that will distinguish you from your competitors.You first need to think about the customers that cause them positive emotions. You need to pick a name so that it matched the age category of your main customers. Since the decision on the purchase of plastic Windows make faces mainly middle-aged, names containing slang of the youth, are not very relevant. You can even make a survey among potential customers, which can offer you the best option.
It is not necessary to call the firm someone else's name. First, the potential buyer's name can cause unpleasant associations with some of his friends. Secondly, there may be problems if you decide to sell the business, which was named in honor of, for example, your spouse. Few people want to buy the firm, which bears the name of the unknown person.
Do not be afraid to show your originality and come up with something completely new. The names of many firms, whose names were not at all associated with their activities, became common, for example, the name of the now legendary company "Xerox". It is the individuality and originality will allow you to distinguish your firm from many others.
If you have decided to choose the name of the firm in a foreign language, you should be careful and check the dictionary or a specialist, as it translates the name you have chosen.
Work through all the possible options. And don't forget to leave a few alternative, when you go to register your firm. After all, your chosen name, even the most original and unusual, it may be already taken.