Use the title and name of the owner. Only correctly and that it was loud and not funny. For example, "Max furniture", "Furniture salon "Marina", "Peter" (Petrov), Mikheevskiy (Mikheev), etc., you Can approach the process more creative and use names of family members or co-owners of the store. "Ilma" (Elias and Mary), "Olanta" (Oleg and Anton), "Ron" (novel and Hope), etc.
If your store is in an urban neighborhood with a beautiful name, you can give him the same name: "day", "Anniversary", "exaltation". Or use the name of the street where your store is located (if it is correct and appropriate).
Assume the target audience of your store and its positioning (what will you sell – or a soft kitchen furniture, bedrooms or furniture for offices, sofas or wardrobes). Hence the name "Elite furniture", "Your style", "Empire furniture", "Your cozy home", "Home kitchen", "Soft life", "Sofa divanych".
Very fashionable and popular today, the names with the inclusion of foreign words or letters. "Holl-furniture", "Шкафоff", "Диваноff", "МебельLand" (furniture country) or "Melange", "Mobilepre" (Empire furniture), "МебельParadisе" (furniture Paradise), Furniture city (furniture city).
Take fiction, flip through, find out, as they called their stores, Russian merchants trading in furniture. Of course, often sold furniture its own producers and then the name came from the name, but there were frequent "Best dressers", "Stoloff", "Atlas-sofas", "Furniture shop".
Oh, and finally, the easiest way is to call the store in accordance with the associations that the average Everyman is the furniture. As they say, simply and tastefully: "Comfort", "Interior" Comfort", etc. However, it is possible to use and simply beautiful and sonorous names, not even having to furniture nothing: "Aelita", "Petrel", "wind rose", "cherry", etc.