Before sending the Director to leave once again re-read the Charter, the statutory documents of your company and the Employment contract of the head. In these documents, and, first and foremost, the Charter should be specified the order of granting vacations head. If these documents have no such provision, the Director goes to rest in a General manner, in accordance with the schedule of vacationagents.
Please note, the Director does not have to write an application for granting leave, but the appropriate order should be. Thus the Director himself to sign it.
To ensure that the enterprises operate in the same mode, assign someone to perform the Director's functions in his absence, and who will have the right to sign documents.
Please note, if there is a Board of Directors, he has to schedule vacations for Director. Choose a person to replace the Manager during his absence, so too must the Board of Directors. These points are usually specified in the statutes.
Make appropriate order (signed by Director). Remind the Director that he has written power of attorney to his temporary Deputy.
Don't forget to warn the person who will perform the duties of the Director, two weeks before he must begin these duties, that is, before the first day of vacationand Director. Formalize the Agreement with the employee.
Count and issue to the Director vacation- ing in the same manner as other employees. Remember that vacationnye must be issued no later than three days before a vacation. If the pay day coincides with a day off, vacationnye must be paid the day before.
If you consider all these nuances, your company lossless takes a vacation Director. And that, in turn, will gain strength for further fruitful work with you.