If the Charter of the company the issue of granting leaveand her first person is referred to the competence of the General meeting of founders (or shareholders), Director (CEO, President, etc.) must apply to the Chairman of the Board of founders or the General meeting of shareholders a statement with a request to consider the question of granting him leave. At the same meeting it is decided who will serve first person during his absence (usually the Deputy or first Deputy when available).
All of this formalized Protocol decision of the General meeting or the sole decision of the founder on the basis of which is published the order about leavee signed by the first person.
In a situation when the firm's Charter the question of the order granting leaveand the first person is not registered, everything is easier. Write a statement that the Director does not have to. It just makes your travel dates to relax into the overall schedule of vacations employees on a par with their subordinates.
In this case two weeks before the holidayand must be given to him under signature notification of grant in accordance with the schedule of vacations vacation in the established date.
The Labour code of the Russian Federation there are no recommendations from whom should come the notification. So it may be signed by the head of the personnel Department or any other officer in charge of the design of this documentation.
The Manager is required only to sign the notice, appoint a replacement during holidaysand the and to have this order, and in due time to depart on holiday.