In the Charter of some organizations stated that the question of resignation on leave in respect of the General Director decides the meeting of the society. In this case, the supervisor should write a statement about granting leave in the name of the Chairman of the meeting. The contents of this document something like: "I Ask to consider at the General meeting of participants on the provision of annual leave for (number of days) (indicate period)".
Meeting participants should also decide on who will substitute for the Director during the holidays. The decision must be issued in the form of minutes, signed by all meeting participants.
If such a method is not specified in the Charter, the statement from the Director-General is not required. But a notice about a vacation he needs to sign. This document may be compiled by the chief of staff or other responsible party.
After this is the order granting leave (form T-6). If the decision is made by the Assembly, this document must be signed by the Chairman of the meeting. If you used the second method, the order is signed by the head. In both cases, he needs to sign, denoting agreement.
Before the CEO went on leave, you must select and approve by order a replacement. If he has a Deputy here, no problems. In the first case, select a responsible person is assigned, as well as rising wages. All this should be spelled out in the order. The approximate order is as follows: "I Order you to assign acting General Director (full name) for a period of (specify period). To establish for this period a charge (post and name of Deputy), temporary performance of duties of the head of the organization in the amount of (amount in figures)".