Write the application on granting the annual paid leave in the name of the higher official of your company no later than two weeks before the start of the leave period. Sign the application and attest his signature by your immediate supervisor. Send a document to the HR Department or senior official personally. According to article 114 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation the right to paid annual leave shall be granted to each employee, spent at least 6 months from the date of employment or previous paid leave. If the bosses refused to put on vacation, remind him politely in writing of this right which you have under the law.
Vacation schedule employees shall be drawn up not later than a month before the start of the year in which the employees will go to put to rest. We will remind about it to your superiors and inform them that you were leaving on vacation according to the adopted act. If your company vacation schedule is arranged, and employees go on vacation by agreement with management, you also have the right to take a vacation during a convenient time for you, even if the boss is against it.
Try to mention in your talks on the possibility of involvement of the company management to administrative responsibility in connection with the violation of the rights of workers. In accordance with article 5.27 of the administrative code, the organization can be fined for it at 30-50 thousand rubles. If this fact were ignored, a complaint to the Supervisory authorities, e.g. the labour Inspectorate or the Prosecutor's office. After the filing of this statement governmental organization will conduct the audit of the company and, if any violations will attract to a set liability.
Try to resolve the situation peacefully. Perhaps the leadership doesn't want to let you go on vacation, because at the moment there are no employees who could take over during the absence. Agree on this with your colleagues or perform the emergency work in advance on their own. You also have the possibility to divide the leave into several periods, which will create convenience for both you and the authorities. If a company has financial problems you can also, by agreement to initially a certain part of final payment, and the remainder after work.