For orders (requests) to provide to the employee or employees leave, there are standardized forms (form T-6 and T-6A, respectively). Choose the form that fits standing in front of you tasks. Complete the form carefully and correctly, avoiding mistakes and not missing important fields.
The order (order) on granting of holiday to the worker (s) surname, name and patronymic of the employee (employees). When completing the form T-6 enter the personal data of employees in the dative case. The entry will look as follows: "to Grant leave to Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich". When completing form T-6A surname, name and patronymic of the employees, specify in the nominative case (Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich).
In the next column specify the name of the structural unit, which consists of the employee. If the company no structural subdivisions, leave the box free. Count "Position (specialty, profession) to populate mandatory. Note the position of the employee in accordance with the staffing.
In the appropriate column of the order (instruction) enter vacation. This column is also mandatory. Leave can be annual, additional annual training. Also, the leave may be without pay (administrative leave). If the definition of the vacation problem, see the articles of the Labor code.
Enter the number of days for which the employee goes on vacation. In the form of order the duration of leave is specified in calendar days. If the period of leave falls on public holidays, they are not included in the number of calendar days of leave and are not paid. In accordance with the Labour code the duration of the annual paid leave is 28 calendar days. Specify, for what period of work the employee (s) granted leave and the date of the beginning and end of the vacation.
Remember that the order granting leave is made by the worker of personnel service, and initialed and dated by the Director. In the field "date" enter only the month and year of creation of the document. To the attention of the employee of the order shall be communicated on receipt. Make sure that the employee has put his signature in the column "order (order) acquainted," and indicated the date of the reference to the order.