First of all, it should be noted that the President is not the title, is a public office, and its contractor – government employee. If we consider the articles of the Labor code, we can understand that the holiday is put to every citizen, irrespective of status in society.

Standard and some more

Standard paid vacation of 28 calendar days, but there are also additional leaves that are not always paid by employers. Most often the additional paid holidays received by people working in the factories, the mines, located in close proximity to harmful substances.

The President of the country has several holidays, this is due to the fact that the post leave it for a long period he just can't. So it is a vacation with the family in a private residence, but if there are important meetings scheduled, the President is obliged to spend.

Often your vacation, the President combines with visits to various countries and business communicating with their leaders. As a rule, going on vacation, the President can only make known its intention by the Prime Minister and the administration, but the usual average employee statement, he writes.

The head of state has no right to delegate its authority for the period of leave, provided by law. That's why on vacation, the President continues to execute state Affairs and their duties.

According to the regulations on leave employees occupying a high position of public service, their standard vacation is 35 calendar days. In fact, they added one additional week to the standard release ordinary citizens.

Additional leave of the President

The President is entitled to additional paid leave, which will be calculated in the following manner: one calendar day after one year of public service.

Very often during the holidays the President is trying to consider not only the attractions of other countries, but also to try to make profitable financial contracts or, for example, offer a long-term relationship and support in the cultural sphere. In this regard, the vacation of the President is considered to be irregular or otherwise affect the work, so the President is trying to divide your vacation at family days and on work visits to other countries with the purpose of networking.