You will need
  • - the form of notification;
  • form of order (form T-6);
  • - the form of report cards;
  • - the form of the notes-calculation;
  • - vacation schedule.
When rest time is established by the schedule of vacationRH, for two weeks prior to accruing the vacationand personnel officer prepared a notice to the employee. The employee shall be warned in writing. In the notification email, the company vacation. On one instance document, the technician shall affix their consent in the form of receipts and reports to the employer. The second copy of the specialist leaves.
Three days before the start of the leaveand the Director issued an order. Use form T-6. Specify a number of days. Enter the start date, the end of vacation. Sign the order signed by the Director, the chief of staff. Familiarize the employee with administrative documents on receipt.
With the order of leavee refer the employee to the accounting Department. There is a specialist to complete the note-calculation. It specifies the amount of monetary compensation, calculated by the accountant based on the average earnings of the employee.
In the sheet of accounting of working time in front of the personal data of the employee, his position, written in the second column of the document, the personnel numbers specified in the third column, in the top row enter the symbol. This code is stamped in the administration of the worker in annual holiday. When the employee will be entitled to extra rest days stipulated in the collective or labour contract, put "OD". In granting the leavebut without pay by agreement with the employer, enter the letter code "OD".
In accordance with the instructions on conducting the sheet of the bottom line to affix anything don't need, that is, this field is blank. Many recruiters say the period vacationand to the end. But to do so is undesirable. After all, the company can be circumstances in which the supervisor may withdraw the employee. In this case, the incorrect entry is crossed out with a single slash. The top fits correctly designation, shall be signed by the person responsible for conduction. After that document is given at the signature of the Department head, personnel officer. When the Timecard is certified, to fix bugs is not allowed.