In the first half of December, schedule a vacationfor the upcoming calendar year on the unified form T-7, which was approved by the resolution of Goskomstat of Russia 06.04.2001 G. to No. 26. In this chart should be the full name of the organization, date, document number and year, which will be split into vacationand.
Consider the following when scheduling.
Applicable laws of the Russian Federation concerning the vacationagents, by law, minimum holidayand consists of 28 calendar days, but it can be extended; extended or additional leave civil servants, people engaged in work with harmful working conditions, etc.;holiday may last in granting the employee sick leave; you can split the time periods, one of which must be at least 14 days).
Features of the manufacturing process (consider the seasonality of work, the periods of activity of the enterprise, interchangeability of employees, etc.).
Wishes employees (in groups with small population can conduct a survey; in large States first make their graphics the heads of departments, which then forward them to the Department for personnel management).
After all the adjustments give a timetable for the approval of the head of the company, and agree with trade unions (if any). Acquaint under a list of employees. To do this, an additional column in the form of T-7 (decree of the state statistics Committee does not prohibit this).
Two weeks before the expected date of leaveand the employee, notify him of the dates. The employee writes the application addressed to the head of the company, which indicates the position, surname, name and patronymic, followed by the kind of leavebut the period and time. Then the worker puts the date of writing the application, signature and decryption. This document is signed by the leader who puts a visa (for example, "in order", "reject", etc.).
Make a order of vacatione in form T-6, approved by the resolution of Goskomstat of Russia from 06.04.2001, No. 26. In order to specify the document number (No. 136-No. 25-o), the date of, the employee's personnel number, full name, surname and patronymic, position staffing, the name of the Department or division, view the holidayand its timing, duration and period of each employee, it is considered from the date of admission to the organization and lasts 12 months).
Become familiar with the order of the employee under signature, on the document the signatures have put the Director and head of HR.