Ask the employee the day before to write a statement on the granting of days in the expense of paid leaveand stating the reason. When deciding on his application to the leadership you must know that in accordance with article 125 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation, the split of paid vacationand the part is possible, however, one part of it cannot be less than 14 calendar days. The employee may be granted unpaid leave, the duration of which is agreed with the employer.
Place your order on granting vacationand unified form T-6 on the basis of statements of the employee, signed by his immediate supervisor and signed by the head of the organization. In order to specify the sequential document number and date, name of employee, structural unit and position, personnel number. If free days given to the employee at the expense of paid vacationand, don't forget to specify for what period of work they provided.
State the number of calendar days granted to the employee at the expense of paid leaveand and in the line "A". If leave is provided without pay, she is not populated. In this case send the line "B" of the order of the phrase "leave without pay". Then specify the duration in calendar days and the date on which it falls.
Sign the form at the head. Familiarize the employee with the order under the painting. Make a note of the RAaccount on the unified form T-60, if an employee asked for a day in the expense paid vacation.
Enter the first sheet number and date of writing notes-RAexpenseand personnel number, name of employee, structural unit in which he works, the period of work for which is vacation. Enter in section A the number of calendar days vacationand the date on which it falls.
Record on the basis of the order in a personal card of the employee. Make changes in an approved schedule vacationworkers, if the days represented in the expense paid vacation, or make a checkmark on the reduction of leaveand that the employee in the next calendar year.