You will need
  • powder;
  • - bleach;
  • the paint material.
In sale there are special powders that restore the color of the fabric. If used regularly, the appearance of the jeans a bit refreshed, but still they are not able to bring back the original color too worn-out material. Buy any liquid detergent, but please note, some of them designed to restore colorand black things, and the other colorto the eye. Wash the jeans at low temperature with the use of special tools. After 3-5 washings you will notice the result.
If you have faded blue jeans, you can use "tricky" way. But it still need some pants of the same colorand which fade. Wash the old jeans with a new approximately 40 degrees, and in the middle of a program cycle switch off the machine and leave the pants soaked for about 1-2 hours. Then switch and let the machine finishes the program. Can add a last rinse a little vinegar diluted to the color stuck.
White jeans will help to return color normal bleach. Dilute it in water and soak the pants for 1-2 hours, then wash the powder with optical bleach. Use oxygen bleaches or modern types of stain removers. Chlorine can damage even denim. To support white, adding a little washing soda in the main compartment for powder.
There is a more serious restore colorand paint for fabric. Buy your the colorof th ink, can and does radically change the color of the jeans. Method of use described in the instructions. But remember, if you want to repaint the black jeans in blue color, then they must providecolor, it is chlorine bleach. Otherwise color will not change or will change only the hue.
Save your jeans and the dry cleaner. Contact the professionals if you doubt that you will succeed. You will color the thing using professional paints and the latest technology. The result should make you happy.