The easiest way to restore color liquid detergent for black things. But, if the clothes are badly faded, you have nothing. Powder liquid with a special compound will help only a little faded things a little refreshment, when the surface only roll. Already the third time you will notice a positive result, but wash no more than 40 degrees, and preferably at 30.
You can use packaged broth, but it's worth noting that the smell is not very pleasant. Boil a liter of water and add 15 g of tobacco. Wipe the product obtained by decoction of the sponge. Then let the thing cool off in the fresh air. This option is more suitable for machining the top of things.
If nothing helps, unfortunately, there are no other options as to paint a thing special paint. To buy it is not difficult, stroll through the commercial shops and ask around the sellers. If the paint you will find, paint the thing in accordance with the recommendations on the package. If the search is not successful, contact a dry cleaner, you will color the thing.