If your stuff is only slightly faded, buy special detergent for dark fabrics. Wash clothes at low temperature using purchased detergent. Gradually the color will become more intense. But the powder doesn't always work to restore things, because it does not contain dyes, therefore do not lay great hopes on him.
Buy paint for fabrics. Carefully read the instructions, then proceed to dyeing things black. Do not forget after the procedure to rinse the clothes in a weak solution of vinegar or use a special top coat color. But after painting on the skin may remain dark marks. Buy only high-quality dye – this will help to avoid such unpleasant phenomenon.
Faded wash with any thing new that sheds. Place them in the machine, switch the Laundry, and then stop. Let them rest awhile, so you will achieve level dyeing of the fabric, otherwise, can form spots.
In some cases, things fade due to bad water. Take filtered or distilled water, pour it in a bucket and add a bit of liquid powder, salt and a tablespoon of baking soda. Boil the product on a slow fire, after which wash. If the fabric beat the scum, then this method should help to solve the problem with the color.
If all else fails, take the product to the dry cleaners. You will paint with a special dye that not only will long remain on the fabric, but will not leave marks on the skin.