You will need
  • Dark jeans, glass, bleach or white, metal bucket, ordinary gum (if not, suitable pegs), rubber gloves (preferably), stick a length of 50-60 cm and forty minutes of time. If all you could find, then proceed.
Roll up the jeans and secure with rubber bands (figure).
How to make jeans light
Pour into prepared bucket of water so that it filled 60 percent of capacity. Then place the bucket on the stove and light the fire. After 15 minutes pour into a bucket one Cup of white or solution and boil gradually while stirring the water. After the water in the bucket reaches a boil, put your jeans in the bucket so that they are fully immersed in it.
Put on gloves, take a stick and constantly ensure that the jeans did not rise above the water. The stick is useful to you, not to burn yourself with steam or boiling water. If the jeans after 10 minutes will not change its color, add a little bleach or white and then simmer for another 15 minutes.
How to make jeans light
When only jeans will change color gently pull it out, remove the rubber bands (clothespins) and place in cold water. Very good rinse jeans in cold water and hang to dry. So that's how we got trendy bleached jeans with different patterns.
How to make jeans light