To return to the deep blue color of the denim pants can usually blue, which can be easily purchased at the store, which has a Department of household chemicals. However, purchase of these funds must be approached with the utmost seriousness, as they have a different consistency and, therefore, composition.

Present in the methylene blue dyes are both soluble and insoluble, from their choice and depends on the result of staining. Soluble coloring components are more preferred by individuals who wish ultimately to obtain the most even color.

It should be noted that the methylene blue is in powder form and in liquid form. Powdered medium in the preparation of dye solution brings much more of a hassle, as the solution ultimately still need to drain to remove the excess fragments, that while painting can give the pants an uneven tone. As for liquid assets, they are more convenient to prepare the solutions, but remember that they vary in usage: some blueprints designed exclusively for rinsing, washing and soaking.

So, to dye jeans blue, you need to take 0.2-0.3 grams of Indigo to dissolve the remedy in hot water and soak the product for two to three hours or rinse it. It is worth remembering that for more intense coloring of the pants blueprints you can take a little bit more (0.4 g) and the time of exposure to leave the same.