Decide the color you wish to dye your favorite jeans.

Buy a few bags of dye for fabric the desired color.
Dissolve contents of sachets in a glass jar with a capacity of half a liter of hot water.

Pour contents of the jar into the drum of an automatic washing machine.

Add required quantity of salt specified in the regulations to the paint.
Put denim pants that you have decided to paint in the drum of the washing machine.

Select the mode of washing so that the water temperature reached 95 degrees.

Start the machine in wash cycle.
Wait until the end of the wash.

Remove the jeans and lower them into the solution that you prepared in advance - from water and acetic essence.
Rinse the thing thoroughly painted alternately in warm and cold water.

Run the washer with the pants again, but with the addition of washing powder, a quick washing.
After the Laundry is finished, remove the jeans and hang to dry. Be sure that they will be colored evenly and without all sorts of divorces. And most importantly - after washing, they will not fade and leave marks on your feet if wet. And your friends will think they're new.