Advice 1: How to paint jeans in blue

Blue is a mixture of starch and blue dye. It can be used for staining any fabric, including denim. Often after painting my old jeans are becoming incredibly stylish.
Painting jeans in blue

The process of dyeing jeans in blue

As blueprints are both soluble and insoluble substances in the water. For painting jeans you need to purchase a soluble dye. It can be Indigo-Carmine, Prussian blue, soluble blue Parisian, blue aniline dye. Prussian blue dissolves in water only in the presence of oxalic acid. Aniline dyes are usually the most expensive. They have good paintability, but can discolour in the sun. Some aniline dyes after using the iron become red. Among the aniline dyes that are suitable for the production of blueprints: methyl, methylene blue, and wool.

Ultramarine refers to insoluble species of the blue. It's a pretty cheap product. You should know that soluble dyes color the fabric is much more uniform than insoluble.

To make the solution blue need in accordance with the instructions on the package. Because some things are colored in the wash in blue and some in the rinse cycle. The approximate consumption of such blueprints: 0.3 grams to 1 kg of clothing. Stir the powder into cold water and then pour the mixture into warm water. When painting work is the rule: the richer you want shade, there should be less water.

In order to dye jeans, place them in the solution for two hours, at least. After this just dry.

Useful tips

Before painting be sure to wash jeans: they must be absolutely clean. Immerse the jeans in a container of methylene blue in the expanded state. If they are, fold them in half. In this case, make sure that the water is evenly soaked jeans, because there is a risk that they will turn smoothly. Jeans should not look out of the pelvis.

In the water, try to dissolve all the clots blue. If they don't disperse, pour on them warm water (+30°C). If you want to color jeans turned out to be more intense, leave them in the basin in two hours, and all night.

If you want to paint firmly fixed, add the solution of blue a couple of tablespoons of salt with slide. You can assign the painting, rinsing the jeans in a vinegar solution. This should be done after soaking the jeans in blue. Pour 5 tbsp. of vinegar in 10 litres of water. If the fixing ability is insufficient, increase the amount of vinegar. Note that the blue dye fades very quickly. Most likely, after a couple of washings the painting will need to be repeated.

The most persistent are acrylic paints water based. They can be easily diluted with water. But they wash off until the first drying. Then to wash the thing will be difficult. Acrylic paints have a very wide range of shades.

Advice 2 : How to dye black pants

Pants black color can lose color quickly enough, it often happens with products of low quality. There are several ways to return the original form, but to restore the black color is not always easy. To avoid painting, you better take care of your things.
How to dye black pants
You will need
  • - black pants;
  • - paint for fabric;
  • water;
  • - ammonia;
  • the top coat color.
Purchase in store the dye for coloring black trousers. In order to choose the right dye, it is necessary to know which fibers made the fabric of your trousers. Dyes intended for cotton and linen fabrics can also be used for painting of products from a viscose fabrics, from natural silk and wool. However, wool has its special colors, and make better use of them.
Carefully read the instructions on the package of dye.
If you want to give more saturated color new pants, keep in mind that new things can be a layer of antistatic or other special-composition applied in the manufacture of the product. It can interfere with the painting of the unit. To remedy this it is enough to wash the pants in synthetic detergent, and if they are made of a thin fabric, experts recommend to soak them in solution of ammonia 50 grams of ammonia (25%) per 10 liters of water. After applying the detergent or ammonia solution thing should be thoroughly rinsed in water.
On the package of dye, you specify: how much should you take of the dye and how much water to dissolve. The amount of dye and water is recommended, based on the number of dry cloth. Therefore, the quality of the pants is important to pre-weigh.
After painting rinse the pants in a weak solution of vinegar or apply a special top coat color.
Press the pants, not unscrewing them. Dry
The colored product does not dry under direct sunlight or near the stove.
If after coloring product on the skin and left dark marks, it means low quality dye.
Useful advice
Washing black pants should only be carried out by washing the powder for the white or black things. This will reduce the risk of fading. In any case, do not use powder with whitening effect, as it will be enough only once to wash black pants so the powder and the thing will be spoiled.

Advice 3 : How to paint jeans in blue at home

If you don't want to part with your favorite jeans, which perfectly sit on the figure and emphasize all its advantages, but you are confused by their faded color, do not worry. Denim trousers lend themselves perfectly to painting, so to return to its former brightness it is possible, even at home.
How to paint jeans in blue

To return to the deep blue color of the denim pants can usually blue, which can be easily purchased at the store, which has a Department of household chemicals. However, purchase of these funds must be approached with the utmost seriousness, as they have a different consistency and, therefore, composition.

Present in the methylene blue dyes are both soluble and insoluble, from their choice and depends on the result of staining. Soluble coloring components are more preferred by individuals who wish ultimately to obtain the most even color.

It should be noted that the methylene blue is in powder form and in liquid form. Powdered medium in the preparation of dye solution brings much more of a hassle, as the solution ultimately still need to drain to remove the excess fragments, that while painting can give the pants an uneven tone. As for liquid assets, they are more convenient to prepare the solutions, but remember that they vary in usage: some blueprints designed exclusively for rinsing, washing and soaking.

So, to dye jeans blue, you need to take 0.2-0.3 grams of Indigo to dissolve the remedy in hot water and soak the product for two to three hours or rinse it. It is worth remembering that for more intense coloring of the pants blueprints you can take a little bit more (0.4 g) and the time of exposure to leave the same.

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