Advice 1: How to paint jeans in blue

Blue is a mixture of starch and blue dye. It can be used for staining any fabric, including denim. Often after painting my old jeans are becoming incredibly stylish.
Painting jeans in blue

The process of dyeing jeans in blue

As blueprints are both soluble and insoluble substances in the water. For painting jeans you need to purchase a soluble dye. It can be Indigo-Carmine, Prussian blue, soluble blue Parisian, blue aniline dye. Prussian blue dissolves in water only in the presence of oxalic acid. Aniline dyes are usually the most expensive. They have good paintability, but can discolour in the sun. Some aniline dyes after using the iron become red. Among the aniline dyes that are suitable for the production of blueprints: methyl, methylene blue, and wool.

Ultramarine refers to insoluble species of the blue. It's a pretty cheap product. You should know that soluble dyes color the fabric is much more uniform than insoluble.

To make the solution blue need in accordance with the instructions on the package. Because some things are colored in the wash in blue and some in the rinse cycle. The approximate consumption of such blueprints: 0.3 grams to 1 kg of clothing. Stir the powder into cold water and then pour the mixture into warm water. When painting work is the rule: the richer you want shade, there should be less water.

In order to dye jeans, place them in the solution for two hours, at least. After this just dry.

Useful tips

Before painting be sure to wash jeans: they must be absolutely clean. Immerse the jeans in a container of methylene blue in the expanded state. If they are, fold them in half. In this case, make sure that the water is evenly soaked jeans, because there is a risk that they will turn smoothly. Jeans should not look out of the pelvis.

In the water, try to dissolve all the clots blue. If they don't disperse, pour on them warm water (+30°C). If you want to color jeans turned out to be more intense, leave them in the basin in two hours, and all night.

If you want to paint firmly fixed, add the solution of blue a couple of tablespoons of salt with slide. You can assign the painting, rinsing the jeans in a vinegar solution. This should be done after soaking the jeans in blue. Pour 5 tbsp. of vinegar in 10 litres of water. If the fixing ability is insufficient, increase the amount of vinegar. Note that the blue dye fades very quickly. Most likely, after a couple of washings the painting will need to be repeated.

The most persistent are acrylic paints water based. They can be easily diluted with water. But they wash off until the first drying. Then to wash the thing will be difficult. Acrylic paints have a very wide range of shades.

Advice 2: How to paint jeans

Advice 3: How to fix the paint on the jeans

Jeans have become an important part of the wardrobe, and it's hard to imagine modern family without this practical and comfortable clothing. Quality product typically does not lose its appearance for one, and sometimes two years. A new thing can spoil the dye underwear; over time, any denim canvas is increasingly shed. Favorite jeans to last you as long as you can care for them properly. During each wash, you must pin the paint on the fabric.

How to fix the paint on the jeans
You will need
  • - warm water;
  • - vinegar;
  • Sol;
  • - Laundry soap;
  • - brush with bristles of medium hardness;
  • - automatic washing machine (optional).
Be sure to wash new jeans dyed before use. Some products, especially dark colors, can be treated with a special dual color. Because of this, the friction, the dye remains in contact with the garment surface.
Read the information on the tag – respecting manufacturers agree on this point, offering tips on caring for jeans. Usually after one or two washings in salted water or vinegar traces of paint on the body and linen do not appear.
Try as little as possible to soak jeans, especially in the presence of a large number of metal fittings. If the need is still there, leave the clothes in warm water not more than one hour. Add the soap solution to soak a little salt or vinegar to jeans less fading. Never leave the product wet and crumpled!
Arrange hand-washing contaminated clothing with not too hard brush and soap is the way to care for jeans is considered optimal. Washing powder is stronger discolor denim fabric, particularly if used constantly.
Do not RUB the stains on the jeans so much that on colored fabrics not formed a whitish halo. Decompose the product in the tub, thoroughly straight and smoothing by hand all creases. Then carefully lather the soap a lint brush and clean the dirt lightly.
When washing jeans in the automatic washing machine will need regular washing. Do not forget to fasten the zipper and remove the product wrong side of the top. The optimum temperature for soaking, hand and machine wash jeans 40 degrees. More hot water they will shed heavily.
What would be a way to clean clothes you choose, it is necessary to fix the paint on the jeans during the last rinse. Dilute a tablespoon of vinegar in a liter of water and add the resulting solution to cool water. Thoroughly rinse the thing. Repeat this process after each subsequent wash your jeans.
It is strictly forbidden to use for jeans washing detergents that contain bleach! Always carefully study the composition of household chemicals.
Useful advice
Even if you regularly fix the dye on the jeans, this garment will gradually fade. Try updating thing (originally painted blue!) using the blueprints, after which you can rinse it in vinegar acidified clean water.

Advice 4: How to wash jeans dye

If the jeans had a stain from the paint, do not just throw the thing in the trash. Try to clear the material with the help of improvised means.
How to wash jeans dye
You will need
  • Kerosene, refined gasoline, acetone, white clay, turpentine, glycerin, liquid for dishes, white spirit, stain remover.
A fresh stain or paint, wipe a cotton pad soaked in clean gasoline or kerosene, from the edges to the middle. Then wash the jeans in warm water with detergent for stubborn stains. In addition, with the light fabrics of the paint stains can be removed with acetone or nail varnish. Before use, test the action of the solvent on an inconspicuous area of the product. If the color of the material has changed, discard this tool.
Take equal proportions of refined petrol and white clay. Mix thoroughly until a homogeneous consistency. Apply the paste on the stain from the paint and leave until complete evaporation of gasoline. Then shake the clay brush for clothes. Wash jeans in warm soapy water.
For removing old stains, use turpentine. Wipe off the dirt with cotton pad soaked in solvent. To avoid divorce, proceed from the edges to the middle. After sasteria trace of the stain with liquid dishwashing or stain remover. Rinse in running water and wash as usual.
A spot of latex paint can be removed as follows. Asterite contaminated area in warm water with soap or stain remover. Rinse the fabric and wash as usual. If the stain is old, soak the jeans before washing in hot water with a detergent.
The oil paint can be removed by liquid dishwashing. Pour it into a separate container and mix with a small amount of water. Moisten a sponge with the mixture and apply a spot of paint.
To remove a spot of paint, take a white spirit. Apply it on the contaminated area of the product with a cloth or foam sponge.
Heat the glycerin in a water bath or in a microwave oven. Apply it on the damaged location and leave it for a while. Then wash the jeans in warm water with detergent for stubborn stains.

Advice 5: How to dry jeans

Some people often have a situation when suddenly it starts raining, and just a few hours to go to a meeting, and it is in jeans. Then either throw jeans in the wash and go in raw, or you can choose something else.
How to dry jeans
In this case, come to the aid of several drying methods. But we must remember that the high-speed drying can not be applied too often – it is able to significantly ruin the jeans. The first method for quick drying jeans is to use a Hairdryer. Take a large dry towel, put it on the jeans and roll together with the clothes into a tight tourniquet as hard as you can. If the towel gets wet, take a second and repeat folding and repeat the process. To enhance the effect of sit on top of rolled-up jeans and a towel and sit there for a few moments. After that, take the hair dryer, turn it on high and hold at a distance of 20-30 centimeters from jeans. Blow hot air on wet clothing and dry about one hour.
Use drying jeans with iron. It will dry about two hours, the clothes on the coil battery, in the bathroom, turn the jeans periodically for uniform drying. Then lay your Ironing Board, turn the iron with the steam function and within the hour, ironed jeans before the final drying.
The most effective way to dry jeans is suddenly soaked oven. First check, how clean the oven. Wipe it with a door on each side, and the inner walls of the wardrobe to jeans not smelled the food aromas. After that, heat the oven to its highest temperature and if its function is the mode, activate this mode. Next, open a Cabinet door and put on her jeans, spreading them on the door surface. Leave the door ajar, wait about ten minutes and flip the clothes to the other side. The denser the jeans, the longer they will dry up until an hour or two hours.
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