During the rinse bright blue and bright red fabrics, add water, one teaspoon of baking soda per liter of water.
Dresses beige, cream, brown colors after washing and rinsing for a few minutes, put in a solution of tea infuser. But first on a hidden spot worth checking out whether shades. Required color is easily achieved, if you reduce or increase the strength of welding. In the same way you can refresh the color of the tights, making it more saturated.
When pink fabric rinse, add water, ammonia, and a bluish and red vinegar. This procedure will help the clothes to retain their brightness.
Clothes embroidered with threads before washing, soak, adding water 2 teaspoons of salt to one litre of water. Then wash it in soapy salted water at room temperature. After that, clothes should be well dried and ironed on the reverse side.
To refresh color black fabrics during the last rinse add the water a pinch of salt. You can also use a solution of tobacco. Such a solution can be done by adding 15 grams of tobacco one liter of boiled water. After that clean the clothes of dirt, wash and dry. Then wipe the thing with a brush, previously dipped in this solution. In the same way you can use a decoction of green walnut shell. The same decoction is suitable for brown fabrics. Still, to refresh the black colorin the water for the last rinsing, you can add mascara.
If you are afraid to make the above manipulation of your favorite things and don't want to risk it, take them to a special workshop. There you quickly and qualitatively will help to restore the color of your clothes. And most importantly, not be afraid and do not worry that your things will be ruined.