For clarification of jeans you will need the following:

• the actual jeans. Choose those whose color you can't stand it. If you want to obtain beautiful patterns-stains – choose your color richer;

• any good bleach (e.g., "White") – one glass;

• a metal bucket or pan of large size;

• to obtain a pattern of bands, you can also use clamps and clothespins;

• rubber gloves – not absolutely necessary but, preferably, such find;

• 30-40 minutes of free time.
As soon as this is found then you can proceed to cooking of jeans.
Training jeans
To obtain a divorce twist jeans. The stronger the twist, the less we get a divorce. Form of divorce depends on how you twist. If you just twist and secure with elastics, then divorce will be vertical. If you pin clamp – horizontal. When compression of jeans clothespins the image obtained in the form of asterisks.
Preparation of the solution.
Fill metal container (bucket or pan) with water, a little more than half. Then put it on the stove. When the water in the vessel is heated to 80 degrees, pour one Cup of bleach. Then bring this solution to a boil while slowly stirring.
Boiling jeans
Once the water begins to boil – down of the previously prepared jeans. Be careful, use gloves. It is necessary to watch that all the time the jeans were in the water. If they are "naughty" - take a big stick or a spoon and submerge them back into the boiling water. If within a few minutes you will not notice the change of tone, you should add more bleach. Boiling jeans is about 15 minutes. To change the shade you'll know when they should get.
Flushing with water
When the result of cooking will be clearly visible, remove the jeans from the water and place them under cold running water. Do this very gently, the steam and water can burn your hands or face! Remove all the elastics, if they were, and thoroughly rinse the jeans under water. You can then hang them to dry.