If you go to a travel Agency and purchased a package, read the contract. Pay special attention to the point where the painted conditions change and cancellation of this tour. Also, much will depend on how many days are left until your trip. As a rule, for any changes of confirmed travel is a penalty. Its size depends on individual arrangements of the tour operator with the hotel and other internal factors.
Call the Agency and say that you have decided to change the hotel. The Manager will contact the tour operator and specify the amount of the fine. If you are satisfied with this amount, it will cancel your booking and choose another hotel. You will have to pay the difference. If prior to departure just a few days, you will hardly be able to change the hotel. Under the terms of the standard contract, you will be fined at least 70-80% of the total tour price.
If you have booked a private tour at a travel Agency or a tour operator and you still have 3-4 weeks before the trip, you can count on without cost penalties. Contact your agent and present your case. If this is not the package tour cancellation policies can be more flexible.
If you have booked a hotel on one of the specialized sites, to abandon a reservation will be easier. In this case, you also need to read the contract. In most cases, when cancellation penalties are not provided. If so, just cancel your order and book another hotel. Sometimes it happens that for a specific reservation is subject to a fine. This sum can be equal to the sum of one night of stay at the hotel. If you are satisfied with this option, your credit card will be debited the money.
In case of booking directly on the hotel website, the scheme is cancelled, is about the same. Here, too, everything will depend on room type and conditions of the contract. If the cancelation fee is not provided, refuse it.
Before booking a particular hotel, make sure that you want to go into it. Explore pictures, learn all the details and be sure to read reviews of recently returned travelers. If you still have questions, contact the Manager of the hotel and clarify all the details or ask your travel agent (if you go through an Agency).