To change the phone number you should contact one of the subdivisions of the operator of telephony (PBX) in your area and apply. It should be served either by the landlord or a person registered at this address. This statement includes the following information:

- passport, identification code of natural person;
- the document confirming the right of ownership of the apartment;
- the document on registration of residence;
- document on the benefits provided (if necessary);
- a document on the legality of stay in the country.
Specify the reason you want to change the phone number.
On the basis of submitted documents your application will be transferred for consideration. If you have a certain benefits, you can get a new room out of turn. Only this is possible only in a situation when you change the number at the place of residence and live in the apartment for at least six months.
If there is a choice of rooms, you have the option to specify which room you want.
Don't forget to pay operator for the work.
If you don't want to wait long, you are not satisfied with rates or no availability, you can always connect the home IP phone. This is the exact same machine that we use for many years, but it is not connected to the fixed network and to the Internet. IP telephony is much cheaper simple telecommunications, because the phone number is not tied to a specific address and will not change in case of moving, more competitive rates, video conferencing, better quality, and most importantly – a direct dial number. And leaving your home, you will be able to connect the call forwarding from your home phone to mobile, that will not miss a single important call.