Here are some tips that will help to switch the keyboard layout.

  1. To switch the keyboard layout usually, a combination of hot keys. In Windows the default is Alt+Shift. However, there are other combinations: Ctrl+Shift left or right Alt, Shift+Shift, and so on. If you switch the layout fails, try these combinations.

  2. To see what keys are provided in the system to switch the keyboard layout in the language settings and regional standards. Open the start menu — control Panel, select regional and Language, click keyboards and Languages. Click the "Change keyboards". In the opened settings window, the "Language and text services, click the "Toggle keyboard". Here you can see which keyboard shortcut allows you to switch the keyboard layout, and use the button "Change key sequence" you can configure the switch to use more convenient or familiar combinations.

  3. There are programs that automatically recognize which language the user is typing and to switch layouts automatically. The most popular and Punto Switcher, Keyboard Ninja. These software utilities allow you to correct a text mistakenly entered in a different layout without having to re-enter.

  4. On the laptop issue with the layout may arise if you accidentally turn on NumLock by the user, since the numeric keypad is combined with alphabetic and pressing the alphabetical keys in this case will lead to the entry of digits. Usually the problem is solved by pressing Fn+NumLock