"Lounge" is translated from English as "living room", "room to stay". The first lounge bars appeared in hotels and airports, as the premises where you can sit quietly and enjoy a drink. Later they began to establish separate institutions. In the lounge bar, customers can relax in soft chairs or sofas, there are small tables, a TV, sometimes they have live music or quiet, there is a variety of entertainment. The lighting is as dim and bright. Sometimes in the lobby bar you can dance.

To create atmosphere in the lounge bar you can use soft music, candles, decorative lighting, and video. Sometimes a lounge bar combined with the library, and it can be read. Some lounge bars offer the opportunity to spend a holiday or a party.

In contrast to bar or night club, lounge-bar is a more relaxed place where you can relax in a quiet environment. Such places are ideal for meetings, small parties and for relaxing after a working day.

The lounge bar Allegra in Dubai

"Alegra" is a lounge bar located in the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Its area is 300 m2. It is equipped with led high resolution screens, the interior decorated with glass surfaces of different geometric shapes. Visitors can sit on the covered with leather Ottomans. The room is lit with built-in stand and barriers light panels and chandeliers. Night school comes to life through music, video and working DJs. To services of visitors are offered Spanish cuisine.

The lounge bar in Acapulco

This lounge bar is suitable for entertainment. The entrance simulates the vehicle interior, decorated tree. On the sides of the corridor you can see the oval screens that show the sky or underwater world. Thus, the full impression of stay on the ship or in a submarine.

From the long lobby visitors enter the room, where there are small couches and tables. It overlooks the Smoking area outside. The wall in the main dining room resembles the living room and there are video screens, framed in picture frames. On the other side is a bar and big screen TV. Bar illuminated led light tubes that change color.

Lounge bar "O2" in Moscow

Bar located on the roof of the hotel Ritz-Carlton on Tverskaya street in Moscow. The ceiling and walls of the bar consist of glass and metal frames. The school is covered with a transparent glass dome. Due to this arrangement, and a transparent dome bar offers a panoramic view of the city: see the Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral, Spasskaya tower and Red square. In addition to food and drinks in the bar you can enjoy oxygen cocktail. The highlight of the bar – chairs in the form of cocoons, reminiscent of Faberge eggs.