The least you are risking your money if consider a waiver of the permit before going to a travel Agency for its purchase. Before you decide to spend money on a tour, find out how you can trust a particular Agency. It's not difficult. First, on the website of the Federal Agency for tourism will find and view the list of tour operators, whose activity in Russia is prohibited. Second, in the Internet there are many forums that discuss these issues, and if people suffered from not good the actions of a tour operator, with high probability you will read this. Finally, talk to the people who have used the services of the chosen Agency.
If you choose an expensive tour, it makes sense to insure your ticket. In this case, the insurance company takes care of the reimbursement vouchers, and you only lose the interest that you will be charged for insurance services. But the insurance contract, you should conclude more than a month before your holiday.
In that case, if insurance won't suit you, before buying a round, carefully read the terms of the contract. As a rule, it shall include the cost of the permit, data on the tour operator the number of his license, your details, dates, and details about services and services. In addition, the contract should be detailed and the clause concerning the possibility of refund vouchers and financial regulations payments. The procedure and the amount of the refund, as a rule, always specify (in different agencies, these rules differ). Read the document and if anything is unclear, ask the employees of the company, and even better – friends of lawyers. But in any case, be prepared for the fact that the fewer days remain before the trip from the time of filing your application for waiver of the permit, the less money you will return.
If you make any money for a ticket – the full cost or the Deposit you must issue a check and signed the contract. A verbal agreement will not have legal force, if you will have to resolve the dispute in court.
If the contract you have on hand, but the representatives of tourist companies for some reason refuse to return the money or scare you exorbitant penalties, don't be afraid to go to court. For a claim under article about violation of consumer rights, the state duty will not take you.
According to Russian laws relating to the rights of the consumer and tourist activity, tourist company you should return the money for the unused ticket, excluding those amounts that have already been spent on the organization of your trip. Moreover, it is obliged to provide documents that confirm that waste was produced just for you. What are these documents, in the Russian legislation not specified in each individual case they can be different. For example, tickets, hotel reservation, payment of the consular fee, etc. If the company such documents to provide you can not, her trial will have to pay full price permits you and as much again to the state budget or the organization for the protection of the rights of consumers.