Why in the Russian language originated and used that word? There may be two reasons. First, of course, brevity. One term briefing replaces a lot (see above) words and has a certain value. Secondly, borrowed from English word "briefing" higher style, more official, more suitable to describe the political and economic events, information about scientific and other phenomena in society, state.

Now, a briefing is a short meeting political, economic leaders and cultural figures of different ranks with the press. The purpose of the briefing is to inform the press about its stance on various issues, with subsequent publication in Newspapers, magazines or the coverage on television. So the briefing can serve as a kind of PR campaign, attracting the attention of companies.

Usually a briefing to collect the traces of an event, i.e. after it has already occurred. From regular press conference briefing differs in the absence of a presentation part and a short period of time.

However, the briefing has its own peculiarities. Short presentation of the topic presupposes the existence of a sophisticated text, and the ability to quickly and accurately respond and answer any questions.

The briefing lasts no more than 30 minutes. Of these, the first 10 minutes are allowed to view the present officials and reviewing their position. The rest of the time is devoted to answers to quick questions asked by members of the media. The briefing is not a dialogue, this short questions and equally short but full of information responses. So sometimes the briefing is carried out standing in the lobby of the hotel, airport, office building.

So the briefing was held successfully, you must correctly undertake the preparatory work to him. Doing this special managers public relations. Some time before the event, they inform journalists about the place and time of the meeting, then before the briefing again call them back, clarify the main issues to alert the main line a short press conference, planning the order of speeches. Immediately before the briefing, check that audio and video equipment, preparedness of the venues.