A sample contract can usually be found on the websites of travel agencies. Once you have found a contract, the first thing you should pay attention to whether the tour operator the right to engage in such activity. To do this, go to the official website of the Federal tourism Agency, where you placed the uniform Federal register of tour operators and enter the name and address of the tour operatoror its register number. Finding a tour operator is required to check his register number, OGRN, INN, field of tourist activities, the number, date and validity period of contract financial security as well as the name and address of the organization that provided it. All these data can be found in the sample contract.
Making sure that your chosen travel Agency is a serious company, not a firm one-day, go to the company office with a passport for the conclusion of the contract. In its drafting
it is important to pay attention to every detail. Specify in the contract all the details: the date of the trip, its cost, the country to which you are going to go, the duration of the trip, the transportation company which provides you with tickets, class of tickets, the name of the hotel, where booked rooms, class rooms, the services, the form of supply and services, sample menu, an entertainment programme, responsibility of the parties for breach of contract and even the view from the window and the distance from the hotel to the beach, if for you these moments are fundamental. Subsequently, all these points can help to change the hotel or to ask the travel Agency compensation.
Pay attention to the authority of the person entering into a contract with you. Some travel agencies the documents appear only managers, and CEO there is no question at all.
The contract, which will be with you in the office tour can be a indication that the firm has the right to change the departure time. Demand note next to this line in the contract that in such event, the company shall compensate for the damages.
Making the most detailed contract before you put your signature, take a sample and seek help from a lawyer, so he checked all the details of the paperwork.
After the acquisition of the tour in addition to the contract you have on hand should be a check, voucher and credit and cash order, which must be round stamp of the company, and not stamped "Paid".
Buying a ticket for vacation, be very careful if you want to stay you have left only pleasant impressions. Please only serious companies, carefully check the detailed description in the contract of services offered by the tour operator, and responsibilities of the parties. Also before the trip, ask from friends or the Internet about the hotel and program that you are offering.