Simple ways

The easiest and most practical way to increase power is considered a chip tuning. Various tuning companies are developing motors Ford chips embedded in the engine control unit. The motor with this chip starts to give out 10-15% more power than the standard. The reliability and economy do not suffer. Very important is the fact that these chips were officially approved by Ford, you can install them directly into the service centers and guarantee they are not affected. On the chip is given a separate guarantee. If necessary, the chip can be easily and quickly removed.

A slightly more complicated way is replacing the engine control unit. The fact that the same engine comes in different power variants. The 1.6 liter engine for different countries can have a capacity of 85 HP, 105 HP or 125 HP Engine 2.0 l Russia has a capacity of 150 HP to 163 HP Turkey, US – 175 HP Engine "EcoBoost" Russia has the option of 200 HP, for America – 240 HP Replacement of the control unit may entail such consequences as the increase of fuel consumption, the need to use more high-octane gasoline, the engine may cease to wind up in the winter.

Installation of engine air filter of zero resistance, polished intake manifold, direct-flow exhaust system gives a 15 percent increase in power, absolutely without compromising cost-effectiveness and other indicators of the motor. If such a tuning proprietary details of well-known companies, the warranty is not affected.

Serious tuning

The more serious intervention is considered the installation of a sport camshaft. The change in valve timing allows the motor to make a Ford more horsepower, and most importantly – to change the peak power to higher rpm, and peak torque to lower. In Motorsport it is important to have high power at high revs to achieve higher speed and torque low, that the car is better dispersed.

The installation of the turbo. Standard turbochargers sold by different tuning firms allow you to increase the power of the 1.3-1.5 times. They have low boost pressure, simple design, and you can install them yourself by following the enclosed instructions. Fee for increase of capacity proportional increase in fuel consumption. More complex turbines allow you to double and even to triple the capacity of the motor. With severely affected resource – forced so the engine can last only one season or even one race. When you install boost necessarily do chip tuning and replace intake and exhaust system on the sports, as they complement each other.