In ticketing stations never get all the tickets at once. Part is immediately redeemed by the agencies, part - booked, so if you need a ticket urgently, there are at least two.
Many companies provide services on purchase of tickets. Of course, you will have to pay an amount in excess of the ticket price, but you will be assured that the trip will take place. In addition, such an organization you will be able to buy a ticket, not defending a huge queue. And in some firms tickets bring customers directly to your home or office.
All booking of tickets usually take 24 hours before train departure, so you may be lucky - be able to buy tickets for the right train and at a decent price, not overpaying intermediaries. If the direction is popular, it is best to come to the booths in advance - wanting to buy tickets can be very much.
"To catch" tickets on the website of the Russian Railways. Tickets begin to go on sale 45 days before departure of the train at 08.00. If you have a credit or debit card of payment system Visa or Master Card, you can buy a ticket directly on the website and get registered. To avoid jostling in the queue, the tickets, which removed the reservation, possible to buy on the website.