You will need
  • Passport, proof of benefits.
Commuter train, or the train is one of the most popular way to travel for short distance not only in Russia but throughout the world. In the Russian Federation, services of travel on the trains has only Railways.
To buy tickets for the train in several ways. The first, most famous – buying in the train station ticket office or station. Suburban offices are located in a dedicated room or separately, before going on to the platform. When buying on the day of travel you can present a preferential documents (pension, student, certificate of disability or a letter from the school) to get a discount on travel or a free ticket. You can also buy tickets 7 days before travel, but in this case, benefits will not work.
At the moment, virtually all the major stations of the country are automatic machines for sale of tickets. They take a bill of 50 and 100 rubles, have change of metal coins. To buy a ticket for such an apparatus it is possible, by entering into the table on the screen of the station of departure and destination and number of tickets. This method is good for those who do not want to wait their turn, well-versed in the art and is not privileged documents, so as to buy the apparatus only regular ticket at full price. The disadvantages of this type of ticketing is that such devices have on small stations and small stations, most often they are found at railway stations of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kazan and other major cities.
To buy tickets for the train on the Russian Railways website. As a rule, this applies only to fast commuter trains and suburban trains from Moscow's Pushkin. Your purchase is only possible after registration on the website (you need to provide your e-mail). All payment transactions go through user's personal account, from which you can print out the ticket with the control coupon (the bar code to pass through the turnstiles of the station or the bus station). On the website you can buy a ticket "there" or "there-back".
For buying travel season tickets should contact the commuter tickets with the documents proving the identity and citizenship documents (if any). Tickets for Pets (dogs any size, cats, birds), for carrying bikes and Luggage, are purchased only at suburban ticket offices at any station or station.