Open the schedule of electric trains in your direction. As a rule, in large towns it is possible to buy a book in small format in which all time intervals, the exact time of departure of trains from the station and their arrival at the station.
If you have the opportunity to use the Internet, go to the website or and view the schedule of trains you are interested in directions. On the website correctly identifies all changes in the schedule, which you will not be able to see in the book. In any case, arriving at the station or railway station, pay attention to changes in the schedule of electric trains, which should be displayed on an electronic Board or placed on the information Board.
Select the desired time of departure of the train from the station or from the station. Keep in mind that you will also need time to get to the station (on foot, by car, bus, subway, etc.). Try to arrive at the station early, at least 10-15 minutes before the train's departure.
Arriving at the station, or the station, check the departure time of your train and the platform number from which it should be. Then find the cashier, where you can buy the ticket on the train. As a rule, they are located in the station building, on the square in front of the station, near the platform or on it.
Walk up to the counter and take a number. Even if the queue you are faced with 10-15 people, do not despair, because the process of sale of the ticketand on the train fast enough, so your turn will come in 5-7 minutes.
Tell the cashier station to where you need to go. To show the document that gives you the right to a reduced fare (student, student ticket, pension certificate, etc.). If you also need a ticket, don't forget to say about this. Pay the amount, which will be called the cashier. Then take your ticket.
If the entrance to the platform provides a passage through the turnstile, insert the ticket barcode into the hole, wait for the tone to allow the passage, then walk to the platform.