Advantages of online purchase of railway tickets

To purchase tickets at the box office, you not only need to get to the station, but also to stand in a queue, often considerable. If appropriate there are no tickets or there are several options for transplantation can not be sure that the cashier will select the best route. Sometimes the cashiers and did wrong and write out the tickets on the wrong date. Of course, passengers themselves still make mistakes by buying tickets online.

Buying tickets online can save you time and nerves. Despite the fact that the Railways website does not always work correctly (especially often had problems at first), he's getting better, but its operation is more stable.

Such an important time, as the cost of tickets, absolutely no different when buying at the box office or online, the main thing – to make a purchase using the official website of the Russian Railways.

How to buy a ticket online

To purchase a ticket, you need to go to the website and there to choose all the necessary parameters of the route. It is important to remember that to pay online purchase using credit card, so if you haven't, you'll have to buy a ticket at the regular ticket office. However, in the modern world there are few people who would not have a plastic card.

Before buying, you will need to register on the website of Russian Railways, then you will have a personal account where you can manage all of your travel information, register them and so on.

At the time of purchase will need to enter the card number, holder name and the CVV/CVC code which is on the other side of the card. On the website you will see a diagram of the Bank card, which can easily determine where the card is this code even if not previously made online purchases.

After purchase of the electronic ticket it is important to press the end button, Electronic registration, if available. One mouse click will save you from lots of future troubles. Upon entering the train you will only need to call your ticket number or just say his name and show your passport. But if you do, then before departure you will need to obtain the paper ticket at the checkout station.

When you need a paper ticket

There are flights that for some reason electronic registration is unavailable (site a few of times to warn about this when buying). These tickets need to at the box office, even if you bought and paid for them online.

Usually with e-check no problem on domestic flights, unless you are using the train and not foreign (e.g., Kazakh, Ukrainian and others). If you make a trip to the CIS, then your ticket should be you with them in paper form. Do not forget to obtain in cash and a return ticket, as the paper tickets for the train no one will give.

There is a self service check-in machines at train stations, where you can also get a paper ticket by entering its number. In this case, it is sometimes easier to buy a ticket at the box office, not online, because still then have to get the paper.